About us


Established in Europe in 1995, we have been sewing quality garments for well known Italian, French, German and other European brands.

During this time, our focus has always stayed the same - high quality. We achieved this by keeping all of the resources in-house, creating a precise work flow model, and installing high quality control for every item.

All of this inspired us to create our own high quality clothing brand- thus we are proud to present to you élise henri; the classic brand created entirely in-house by a team of our designers, and glowing with famous European elegance and style. Through the inspiration of creating a collection for all, élise henri launched its headquarters in Chicago IL, with a full production house in Europe. We have designed a style for those who strive to look classy during the day and sexy yet elegant later in the evening. 

élise henri draws its inspiration from classic and elegant European style with a touch of American fashion. élise henri collection is made entirely from high quality Italian-made fabrics and the finest attention to detail.

élise henri - the elixir of style and elegance.

At élise henri we encourage you to "follow your instinct"




Shops at North Bridge

Monique Boutique

520 N Michigan Avenue, 3rd floor

Chicago, IL 60611     tel. 1 (773) 816 3613



Le Meridien

Beach Plaza Hotel 



La Boutique 




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